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  Plastobag Industries was established in the year 1968 by P.M. Ahmed Basha a pioneer in the field of plastics. Our company continues to reflect a dedication to service which has been a trade mark since having been founded as a family business. Since then we have taken rapid strides to become one of the major manufactures of polythene and polymer compounds in India.    
  Plastobag Industries - manufactures all kinds of plain bags and LDPE sheets while specializing in the manufacture of Garbage Bags on Roll with "Star sealing" and attached Tie-tapes for easy disposal. We also manufacture many kinds of Polythene and Polypropylene bags used in various applications like packaging Ready made Garments, Shopping Bags, Carry Bags, Plain Bags are available across the country and in fact we are the first company to have introduced " Bio-Degradable" Garbage bags on Rolls.    
  Bio Plastobag is the brand name of the certified compostable bag manufactured by Plasto Manufacturing Company situated in Bangalore, India. We are the leading manufacturers of all kinds of polyethylene films, T shirt Carry bags, Bin liners, Garbage bags in plastics as well as Bio plastics.    
  Bio Plastobag are Environmentally Responsible certified Compostable and Biodegradable Garbage bags which are manufactured using bio based raw materials and it does not contain any petro based plastic.    
  Bio Plastobag compostable bags breakdown and decompose completely within a short time frame contributing to safer environment. These bags turn into compost after breakdown and provide the earth with nutrients for plant growth.    
  All our products are manufactured as per IS-ISO 17088 standard with Unique Dynamic Encrypted Code (QR code) and certified by Central Pollution Control board, India.